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AcceleratorKMS Workflow and Task Management

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AcceleratorKMS uses workflows and tasks for various purposes, such as reviewing content, publishing content, reviewing comments made during a completion, and considering request forms. Using workflows ensures that the required tasks are done in the correct order, thus increasing consistent task completion. They greatly reduce the possibility of tasks being missed unintentionally.

Check with your System Administrator for full details on the workflows configured for your organization.

AcceleratorKMS enables assigning a task to a specific user or leaving it unassigned. Leaving tasks unassigned can simplify task assignment and allow users to pick up tasks according to their availability. Tasks sit in the unassigned list until users with the appropriate role assign them to themselves. For example, an unassigned editing task appears to all users with an Editor role in the Unassigned section of their Tasks page, with an Assign to me link. This feature allows users to complete tasks when they have time, thereby distributing the workload more evenly.

Any task comments, updates, and approvals for content displays in the Tasks section of the Content page at the bottom of the page. Incomplete tasks display in the Active Tasks section at the bottom of the content.

Administrators (or others with the appropriate permissions) can manage work for all users through the Task Reports page. From Task Reports, you can search and filter tasks to create a report for export. You can also assign tasks, transition tasks to the next stage in the review cycle, edit tasks, or delete tasks. Users with appropriate permissions can view their tasks and any unassigned tasks they can complete from the Tasks page.

Workflow examples

Here are a few situations that can start a workflow:

  • Completion comments - If configured, adding a comment during completion

  • Request forms - Completing a request form initiates a workflow to determine whether or not the request is approved

  • Create task - If content needs to be modified, clicking Create task initiates a workflow

  • Content nearing expiry - If configured on the content type, then as content nears its expiry date, a task can be autogenerated to have someone take action before the expiry occurs.

Task phases

There are several phases of a task. For example, a writer drafts initial content and creates a new task. When the content is ready for review, the task is transitioned to a reviewer or multiple reviewers. Depending on the workflow, the reviewer may transition to other reviewers for accuracy and completeness of content. If the content has been deemed accurate, the task is then transitioned to Approved and content is Published. If the content requires changes, the content is then transitioned back to the writer. The content is then transitioned back for a second review and continues like this until approved and published.