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Hides content from search results and prevents content from being completed.

Before you begin

  • Requires a user account with a role that includes the "Manage and view archived content" role operation.

  • May also require the following role operations:

    • "Manage all tasks" or "Manage personal tasks"

    • "Complete content"

    • "View completion history"

About this task

Archiving content makes it unavailable for future completions and hides it from regular search results. You might do this because the document is no longer current or relevant. Content can also be restored to a draft version in case it is required again in the future. Only users with appropriate permissions can search, view, or restore archived content.


  1. If there are active tasks, in the Tasks section, complete or delete all active tasks.

  2. If there are active completions, follow these steps:

    1. Click the cancel icon beside the completion to be cancelled.

      Completion activity is stored in history even if the completion is cancelled.

    2. Click OK.

    3. Repeat these steps for remaining completions.

  3. If the document is published, click Actions > Retract published.

  4. If related assets or related content exists, follow these steps:

    1. Open the content, and navigate to the About this content section.

    2. In the related assets and related content fields, remove any related content from those fields.

    3. Click Preview.

  5. Click Actions > Archive.

  6. In the Version comment field, type a comment.

  7. Click Archive.


The content is archived. When viewed or printed, a watermark is used indicating that it is archived.