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Make content available for use.

To publish content, retract published, archive, and so forth, use the Actions button (gear icon) located on the upper-right corner of your unopened document.

  • For traditional content - Publish, retract published, copy, or archive documents.

  • For template content - Publish, retract published, archive, generate content, and decouple from template.

The following icons are visible from Actions. For more information, see AcceleratorKMS Traditional Content Writing Guide.

Before you begin

  • Requires a user account with a role that includes the "Publish and retract content" role operation.

  • May also require a role with the "Manage personal tasks" or "Manage all tasks" role operation.

  • The content must be open.

About this task

After draft content has been fully written and reviewed, it needs to be published so that it is available for completion.


  1. Click Actions > Publish.

  2. Enter your password, if prompted.

    The password prompt is configured by your Administrator.

  3. Review the expiration date and change it, if desired.

    You can enable the organic review option on a content version during publishing. Organic review enabled content is represented by a leaf icon and tooltip information. If enabled, when the content is completed within the indicated number of months from the expiration date, the expiration date automatically extends by that same number of months. By completing the content, it is implied that the user also reviewed the statements at that time. Organic reviews are enabled in the content type configuration settings and set whether acknowledgements act as organic review. Publishers can override this setting while publishing an individual piece of content.

  4. To add comments, type in the Add comments text box.

  5. Click OK.


The status on the content changes from Draft to Published, the version is updated, and users with access can view and complete it. If configured, a copy of the content is automatically exported to an external storage library, such as SharePoint or an FTP site.

If the content contains sub content that is not published, the content status will be partially published.

What to do next

If you had a task assigned to you for publishing the content, transition the task, and mark it as Complete.