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Change the status of published content back to draft.

Before you begin

  • Requires a user account with a role that includes the "Publish and retract content" role operation.

  • May also require a role with the "Manage personal tasks" or "Manage all tasks" role operation.

  • The content must be open.

About this task

Retracting published content changes its status back to draft. This can be useful when content required editing or archiving prior to any future completions being started.


  1. Click Actions > Retract published.

  2. In the Version comment field, type a comment.

  3. If prompted, review list of active completions:

    • If the completions should not continue, click Cancel to go back to the content where you can cancel them. After cancelling the completions, you must click Actions > Retract published again.

    • Click Confirm and retract to leave the completions as they are. The completions are still active and the content version in progress can be completed by the assignee.


The content status is changed to Draft, the content is up-versioned, and is not available for future completions until it is republished.