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About HxGN SDx Documentation


If you're ready to install and set up the software, you'll want to take a look at the books listed here. You may not need all of them, depending on how complicated your implementation will be. Click the name of a book to view it.

Application Server Installation and Setup for HxGN SDx - This is where you start when you're ready to install SDx on the main application server at the center of your implementation. This book also includes information on setting up the database server and how to ensure your software is set up correctly.

Set Up Optional Distributed Servers for HxGN SDx - After you've set up your application server, you may want to set up some services on other servers to improve performance or distribute processing. This book details how to set up those optional servers.

HxGN SDx Connector for TruView Installation - You may want to set up SDx Connector for Truview to use in your system.

SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager Help - All your sites are managed using the Server Manager component, and this book offers information about all the commands, wizards, and processes that are available in Server Manager.