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Jovix web users will now find that the notification icon provides access to the new Notifications side panel. Notifications now present when a workflow is completed and no errors were encountered.

A screenshot of a notification Description automatically generated

High Impact Bugs

Material Splits: A bug was resolved that was preventing users from splitting materials using either the standard “Split Materials” function in the Materials entity or in workflows.

RFID Fields in Views: A bug was resolved related to having RFID fields from multiple entities in the same view. Users are now able to display, and set aliases for multiple RFID fields in a view (IE, displaying both the material RFID and related container RFID)

Key Summary Story Points Status
JX-13480 Perform Export Product Classification Screening review for 2023.24 (IR) 0.0 Done
JX-13466 Web - Display loading indicator while count is still loading Done
JX-13465 Web - Display "All Records" count Done
JX-13464 [Vulnerability] Web App - Security - Crypto-js 4.1.1 (indirectly used by pdfmake) has critical vulnerability 2.0 Done
JX-13459 Web App - Workflows Summarization - MVP - Display "Complete" Workflow Notification Card 2.0 Done
JX-13458 J3 - Bug - Split function error trying to post computed field 5.0 Done
JX-13455 WA - Consolidated View - Performance - Allow related items tab to load incrementally to improve UI performance 2.0 Done
JX-13453 Perform Export Product Classification Screening review for 2023.24 (CK) 0.0 Done
JX-13439 disable form controls when starting wizard Done
JX-13405 Perform Export Product Classification Screening Review for 2023.24 (ER) 0.0 Done
JX-13304 WA - Consolidated View - Related Items Tab - Count of ALL Records of a Related Items Tab 5.0 Done
JX-13273 WA - Consolidated View - Related Items Tab - Increase item max count to 1000 3.0 Done
JX-13254 Bug - Mobile - Generic Entity RFID Fields Do Not Honor Configured Display Name Or Override Display Name 3.0 Done
JX-13226 J3 [Time box 20 hrs] - API - Virus Scanning of Uploads - Architecture level design of this virus scanning system Done