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Work has been completed to support RFID Find and Sweep when using Android paired with Zebra RFD90.

Key Summary Story Points Status
JX-13732 Regression Testing - Barcode Scanning - TSL and J2 5.0 Backlog
JX-13725 Perform Export Product Classification Screening review for 2024.06 (CK) 0.0 Done
JX-13724 Perform Export Product Classification Screening Review for 2024.06 (IR) 0.0 Done
JX-13723 API - Imports - Restructure StoreData activity to allow imports longer than 30 minutes (Breaking apart StoreData) 8.0 Done
JX-13698 [Support Assist] J3 - API - Investigate reason for APIs not accepting requests with chunked Transfer-Encoding in Demo 1.0 Ready for Review
JX-13681 Perform Export Product Classification Screening Review for 2024.06 (ER) 0.0 Done
JX-13680 WA - Consolidated View - Full Screen - Align workflow filter logic with consolidated view filtering 8.0 Done
JX-13669 Web App - Workflows Summarization - MVP - Add time elapsed to pending notification card 5.0 Done
JX-13666 Consolidated View Master Scripting 0.0 Done
JX-13660 WA - Consolidated View - Related Items Tab - Floating Filter 8.0 Done
JX-13622 WA - Import Templates - Create - Mark Fields Selected During Identifying Data Step as Required in Field Mapping Step 3.0 Done
JX-13617 J3 - Entity Data - SP5 QA - Unable to GET or PATCH individual entities that are too deep in a relationship hierarchy 5.0 Done
JX-13592 Web App - Workflows Summarization - MVP - Transition Pending Workflow Notification with Failed Relationship Association Data Call to Completed With Error 3.0 Done
JX-13571 WA - Import Templates - Create - Field Mapping Step - Support Drag & Drop to Main Drag & Drop Zone 8.0 Done
JX-13522 Web - Update range for "Between" operator 5.0 Done
JX-13416 Mobile - Workflows - Live Filter Screen - Reduce Unnecessary API Requests Impacting DB Performance 2.0 Done
JX-13412 Regression Testing - Sweep - TSL and J2 5.0 Test In Progress
JX-13365 Mobile Shell - Android - Find - Support Zebra RFD90 5.0 Test In Progress
JX-13364 Mobile Shell - Android - Sweep - Support Zebra RFD90 13.0 Done